New Born Cocoliso

COCOLISO, our new BuggySocks garment, is an original version of a classic item of clothing. A soft and simple ELASTIC gown, without laces or buttons, made in 100% cotton to wrap around your baby’s trunk and legs.

COCOLISO is a very practical item. You simply slip your baby’s legs through and it will stay in place around its trunk thanks to a soft and elastic rib band. A seamless tubular gown, more practical than a blanket, to keep your baby covered at all times and allow you to cradle, rock or breast-feed him or her… Even when changing a nappy, all you need to do is pull the garment up.

100% cotton Oeko-Tex standard 100.

SWEET PINK - Striped, Pink/Beige
SWEET BLUE - Striped, Denim/Beige
PARIS - Striped, Black/Beige
LIMA - Striped, Green/Beige
LIMÓN - Striped, Yellow/Beige

Size: 0-3 months

26,50 €