Thank you for your interest in discover BuggySocks!

Functionality, simplicity and joy, these are the three key words to express how we design products. 
The first one: functionality, was the most important one for the creation of BuggySocks, and still it is the most important for us.
In fact, the purpose for which BuggySocks, our first product, was born for was to solve the worn handles problem.

Maria, our designer and company owner, was pregnant of her third child, carrying her second born in an already old pushchair during a hot Spanish summer; that was when she decided to put two socks on the worn stroller´s handles. 
And then she decided to evolve this home-made invent into a real product, slow, conscious and respectfully designed and produced.

BuggySocks are the original cover for the push chair handles.

BuggySocks are totally made in Spain and 100% Oeko Tex certified cotton
They’re a quality product, designed to endure in time.

BuggySocks are machine washable at 30ºC, so you can make sure you always to keep the fabric clean and hygienic at the touch of the hand.

BuggySocks are extremely comfortable due to soft cotton feel: just tries to make your strolling more comfortable!

BuggySocks are now available in lots of colors and models, to match the coolest buggy model en on the market, that´s why they make your buggy fun, stylish and recognizable in parks, kindergartens, and strollers parks. Just Discover your favorite!

BuggySocks prolongs your stroller’s life, solves the problem of the weakest part of the cart, the one that wears away more easily, and makes the car look older than it really is; with BuggySocks you would be able to use your push chair in a comfortable way and for a long time, without having to change it or separate yourself from it to repair the handles; and especially in a cheaper way and more respectful to the environment.


{BuggySocks dresses up the pushchair, turning it into a fashionable, unique pram, pleasant to hold thanks to the cotton feel}.